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Our belief influences everything we do at PeerPower. It shapes our way of thinking, approaches to solve problems, initiates discussions, and brings greatness to the world.
PeerPower is a cross-disciplinary group of experienced investment bankers, consultants, business operators, analysts, product managers, designers, researchers, software engineers, marketers, communicators, writers, strategists, and more. We believe that we can enable financial freedom and fairness with our collaboration.

At PeerPower

Thank, Product Manager

PeerPower gives their team members a lot of accountability and autonomy. We feel that we are in control of our destiny.

With that power, we have to think much harder about what we do. The thing we decided to make will directly impact the organization, the work, the people involve. So it is always exciting when we work on something new, which is mostly complex (but fun). The wheel is in our hands; no matter how far we can go, it's up to us.

Product Manager
Admin Tools and Marketplace

Ice, Product Manager

"Make each other better" is one of our core values. This value has been positively injected into every part of PeerPower. It keeps us honest and humble through giving feedback and getting feedback.

I believe that every person at PeerPower shares the same DNA in being open and honest. With this value being part of our culture, I am confident that we can make impact to the financial world.

Product Manager
Security Management

Aek, Engineer Manager

User feedback keeps reminding us that there is an actual human on the other side using our creation. It reminds us that we have created an impact on their life. Every bit of software that we push out has contributed to making our investors' and borrowers' lives better.

Our engineering team works really hard to keep improving and never stop challenging ourselves to better deliver values for the users.

Engineering Manager

Prang, Product Manager

I like how people here can think structurally, be honest to each other and embrace the learning from mistakes.

With these three, we can always focus on what matters, separate facts from opinion, take initiatives and overcome every challenge we have

Business Analyst
Supply Chain Finance

We are not just building software or product
We are making impact to our customer life


Jim, CEO

Jim Ponvanit

Chairman and CEO
Andrew, COO

Andrew Wang

Chief Operating Officer

Prapat Shantavasinkul

Chief Technology Officer
Win, Product Lead

Win Liewpairat

Product Lead
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